Considering All Aspects Of Bankruptcy And Retirement

Knowing that you may have to file bankruptcy can be stressful for anyone, but in retirement it can feel like there is much more at stake. For individuals who have worked long and hard for years to save for retirement and own a home, the potential to lose it all due to the inability to pay off debts is frightening.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that do not require financial and property assets be liquidated to pay off debts. By using Chapter 13 bankruptcy to reorganize your debts in retirement, you can save your investment accounts, your home and other important property while ridding yourself of the burden of debt.

At the Law Office of Ginger C. Cord, PSC., I work closely with each of my clients to make sure all pertinent information is taken into account when they file bankruptcy and look for debt reorganization opportunities.

If you live in Kentucky, I can help you address concerns and take action in issues such as:

  • How to protect retirement accounts like 401(K)s and IRAs
  • How to hold onto substantial property while filing bankruptcy
  • How to survive in retirement while living on a fixed income
  • How to deal with ongoing medical bills while filing for bankruptcy

Your Situation Is Unique, So Consult A Lawyer

Every bankruptcy case is different. You should speak with an attorney who can evaluate your personal circumstances and help you make the best decisions available. I provide free initial consultations at my Lexington office. Call 859-963-2073, or complete an online form.

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