You Do Not Have To Go Through Bankruptcy And Divorce On Your Own

There are many emotional struggles that people face when they are going through a divorce, and financial issues just add fuel to the fire. Being tied to a person through marriage can make filing for bankruptcy a difficult decision. In some cases, bankruptcy can put both you and your spouse in a better position financially post-divorce, or, if your spouse is not cooperating, you can file individually without your spouse.

At the Law Office of Ginger C. Cord, PSC., I help individuals and couples, including divorcing married couples and same-sex couples who are not married, deal with bankruptcy and divorce matters. Through such a difficult time, I keep an eye on what is reasonable, what is fair and what will leave you and your spouse financially secure in the years to come.

Declare Bankruptcy Or File For Bankruptcy Jointly In A Divorce Or Separation

In a relationship, assets and income are typically shared, and on paper, can be difficult to separate. Divorce itself can be a very expensive process, leaving couples with debts and assets to organize, as well as child support or alimony payments to work out.

Some things to consider in bankruptcy proceedings related to divorce are:

  • Child support payments or spousal support payments are not dischargeable in a bankruptcy.
  • If debts are substantial within the marriage, it could be beneficial to file bankruptcy before getting divorced.
  • If an individual files for bankruptcy in the middle of divorce proceedings, it could halt decision-making related to the division of property and the division of debts.

Discuss Your Unique Situation With An Attorney

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