Chapter 13 Can Offer A Fresh Start

Even people who have a steady income and substantial assets can find themselves overextended in terms of debt. While you may believe your income is too high to make you eligible for debt relief options, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can provide you with some options.

At the Law Office of Ginger C. Cord, PSC., I work with individuals, families and small-business owners in the Lexington area and other areas of Kentucky to reorganize their debts into affordable repayment plans under Chapter 13 bankruptcy. When you work with my office, you will be able to put an immediate halt to various creditor actions and take the time to get your finances back on solid ground.

Student Loan Reorganization And Bill Consolidation

Chapter 13 does not typically involve the liquidation of assets and the distribution of real and personal property value among creditors. If your income level is high enough, we can work to arrange a repayment schedule that will have many of your debts discharged or wiped out within three to five years.

There is no standard way to organize debts into these plans, as every individual is different. Perhaps your largest debt involves student loans or a mortgage that has spun out of control. Perhaps credit card debts are your most pressing problem, or medical bills have caused you to struggle financially.

Through Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all of your qualified debts will be consolidated into one lump sum, and under the advice of the bankruptcy court will be structured into a payment plan that suits your income and your financial obligations.

Work With A Lawyer To File Chapter 13

You can schedule a no-risk, no-obligation consultation with the Law Office of Ginger C. Cord, PSC. Once I evaluate your case, we can begin the steps to file Chapter 13, working toward a fresh financial start for you. You can reach the firm online or by phone at 859-963-2073.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.