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Eligibility for bankruptcy is basically determined by analyzing your income, debts and your ability to pay those debts. Some people who file for bankruptcy have a steady, substantial income as well as a particular desire to save certain assets from liquidation. For these people, it is typically more appropriate to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

For others, who pass a "means test," Chapter 7 bankruptcy is ideal. Unsecured debts are then discharged, and the entire process is completed in a relatively short period of time.

The Means Test Criteria And Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

At the Law Office of Ginger C. Cord, PSC., I help people determine whether or not they are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. When you work with my office, we will begin to analyze your situation based on the following information:

  • Your average monthly income for six months prior to filing vs. the state's median income
  • Whether or not your average income is lower than the state's median
  • Bankruptcy exemptions (certain property and assets)
  • Deductions
  • Disposable income

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Bankruptcy does not have to be the last resort. As your lawyer, I will work directly with you to help you get the information and understanding you need to make an educated decision about how to handle your debts.

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