Fix Your Credit Score And Restore Your Credit Rating After Bankruptcy

One of the biggest fears that people have about filing for bankruptcy is the toll it takes on their credit score. You may be concerned that you will not be able to take out a loan again and invest in a home or other assets the way you would like.

The truth is, by the time someone has walked into my office - the Law Office of Ginger C. Cord, PSC. - he or she has already had his or her credit score drop significantly. Even in cases where you are in good standing with creditors, bankruptcy will not necessarily destroy your credit score. In fact, in some cases your credit score will be improved by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.

If you are considering bankruptcy at all, your credit is likely to be in jeopardy as it is, and the longer you wait to get help from an attorney, the longer it will take to begin repairing your credit.

Working with a bankruptcy lawyer can provide you with suggestions to help to restore your credit, such as:

  • Correcting incomplete, incorrect or outdated information on a credit report
  • Creating a budget and learning to work within that budget while meeting your financial needs
  • Timely paying of bills and balances in full
  • Opening a fresh secured credit card and making payments on time, establishing a new and more positive relationship with creditors

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