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July 2013 Archives

Can I discharge my tax debt in bankruptcy?

When filing for bankruptcy, people as a rule take it seriously—they know they are making a decision that will have a big impact on their life, financially and otherwise. Before filing for bankruptcy, it is important to get the answers to basic questions answered. This includes questions about how bankruptcy affects a person’s credit score, spouse, mortgage, job or future employment, eligibility for financial aid, and so on and so forth.

Data review looks at Americans' struggle to pay medical bills

A recent data review by NerdWallet Health confirmed what has long been known: medical bills are pushing many Americans to the brink of financial ruin. In fact, the data review estimated that increasing medical bills will put 1.7 million more households in bankruptcy this year, making medical bills the leading cause of bankruptcy filings, outstripping bankruptcies due primarily to credit card bills and unpaid mortgages.