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August 2013 Archives

Latinos particularly at risk for medical bankruptcy

Most Americans will struggle at some point to pay medical bills, for one reason or another. As the costs of medical care rise and health insurance policies trim back benefits, the problem is likely only to grow bigger. The problem, of course, affects everybody, but it especially affects Latinos. According to NerdWallet Health, nearly one in four Latinos under the age of 65 will have trouble paying medical bills this year, and Latinos are 14 percent more likely than the average American and 24 percent more likely than Caucasian Americans to have troubles paying medical bills.

Tax relief scammers prey on those facing burdensome tax debt

Burdensome debt is something many Americans struggle with. For some, the burden can become so great that the possibility, any possibility, of getting out of debt looks tempting. But, of course, it is important for debtors to exercise caution in considering offers for debt relief services. That is particularly the case now with respect to tax debt relief schemes, which are increasing as the IRS goes after Americans that failed to pay taxes during the economic downturn.

Bankruptcy or retirement savings - How baby boomers should select?

Written by Adrian Collins - Ms. Collins is an accomplished financial writer from Berkley. Ms. Collins is passionate about the written word and about everything related to debt. She writes full time for a number of financial sites and has debt consolidation companies.