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December 2013 Archives

Insufficient health insurance plans lead some to bankruptcy

Anybody who has ever been involved with a company dealing junk health insurance knows how frustrating this can be. One of the defining marks of such plans is that they offer extremely limited benefits. While these plans provide emotional comfort to those who are not currently sick, they show their true worthlessness when catastrophic illness strikes.  When an insurance company fails to provide coverage the consumer thought would be there, the bills add up very quickly.

One reason why divorce and bankruptcy can go together

When two people get married, they usually get tied up financially to one degree or another, whether in purchasing a home, a vehicle, sharing a credit card or a joint savings or checking account. When a couple divorces and one party obtains a discharge on joint debts, the other party can be left holding the bag. This can be frustrating, particularly if it was agreed during divorce negotiations that the other party would be responsible for that debt.