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What do you do when you want/need to retire and you do not have the money!!

  I have been practicing consumer bankruptcy law in Lexington, Kentucky for 25 years now. It pains me to see people come in and tell me that they have liquidated their pensions in order to pay debt/kids college/medical bills etc. My message to all of you today is DON'T DO IT!!!  Your retirement accounts are not there for anything other than you retirement, which is becoming more expensive to navigate with each passing day.

  It is absolutely heart breaking to talk to people who are trying to survive on nothing but Social Security. Please, anyone who is reading this, start making plans now for retirement now! If you need to wipe out debt, call me. Don't put another mortgage on your house or borrow against your retirement.

  I do Chapter 7's and Chapter 13's in Central Kentucky. Call me and know your options without putting your retirement years in jeopardy. I had a client tell me just today, "Well, I am just going to work until they put me in the ground". Really?! Unfortunately, health and other issues rarely make that an option. Look to the future and let me help you make your later years a happy time.

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