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What Does it Cost to file Bankruptcy ?

   Almost everyday I get a call from someone wanting to know what it costs to file bankruptcy. It is frequently the first question. It shouldkn't be, but it frequently is. When I hear this I know that the person is of the opinion that all bankruptcy lawyers are created equal. Unfortunatley, that is not the case. Some of our local bankruptcy attorneys in Lexington are new and therefore don't charge as much. They also don't have much expenience and can mess up a personal finances pretty bad by making mistakes in the petition or not asking the right questions when they are preparing the petition.

   As a result of the decline in bankrutpcy filings over the last 2 years, a couple of firms have become bankruptcy "Mills". In other words, they charge half of what they used to charge, but they are trying to file twice as many cases. When you see this you should realise that you are likely not going to get the personal attention that you need. Also, they are more likely to make mistakes, because they are not taking there time.

  Filing Bankruptcy is more complicated than you probably think. I have been doing is for 25 years, so I have enough referrals to keep me going and I can afford to take my time with you and your bankruptcy.

  Call me, Ginger Cord, 859-226-0191, if you need more info about filing a bankruptcy.

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