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The Best Bankruptcy Attorney is not neccessarily the Cheapest Bankruptcy Attorney

    I know that people who call me are having financial difficulties. DUH! No body calls me for information on their gall bladders. However, after doing this for 25 years, I get tired of people calling and asking what I charge as their very first question. It's as if we are all alike and filing a successful bankruptcy case can be done as easlily by any attorney.

    Currently, in my city, one of the bankruptcy attorneys is about to get disbarred for his incompentency and misleading filings.

    I have always said that the best way to find a bankruptcy attorney is to ask around to people who have already filed. That is how I get a large percentage of my clients.

   Right now, as most people know, bankruptcy filings are down about 20%. That is largely a result of the stagnant economy. People are not starting businesses, enlarging existing businesses or otherwise borrowing money.

   Most businesses are hunkered down waiting for Obama's term to be over. They are uncertain about what new taxes or fees he might impose at any moment.

   Anyway, back to bankruptcy. There are a lot of baby boomers who are trying to retire and have little other than social security to live on. They need to be looking for a good bankruptcy attorney now before a creditor puts a lien on their house.

    So, if anyone is reading this in the Lexington area and in need of debt relief, for heavens sake call me before you get levied on.

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