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June 2015 Archives

Collections on old debt in Kentucky

Many Kentucky consumers find that they allegedly owe money for transactions that they do not recognize or do not remember. In many cases, the consumer never received a notice of a bill before the company placed the account into collections. This can happen for a variety of reasons, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act does not require all companies to inform the consumer when they are going to place an account into collections.

Deciding between paying off debt or accumulating savings

To some Kentucky residents, debt is considered a necessary evil while others cannot stomach the thought of owing money to anyone. When people are considering paying off debt early, they might first want to think about their savings. Paying off debts is a relief, but building up savings might be more important than paying off obligations quickly.

Supreme Court rules on bankruptcy matter

Kentucky residents may be interested in the outcome of a recent Supreme Court case involving bankruptcy issues. In Wellness International Network, Ltd. v. Sharif, a majority of the justices ruled that bankruptcy judges have jurisdiction over disputed issues when the debtor gives consent. This means that bankruptcy judges can issue rulings and final orders on bankruptcy matters, and they do not need to go through district judges.