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July 2015 Archives

Citibank settlement could help Kentucky consumers

According to regulators, Citibank agreed on July 21 to pay $700 million to customers and another $70 million in fines related to deceptive credit card practices. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said that 8.8 million customers were billed for add-on services such as debt protection and credit monitoring. Cardholders in Kentucky and elsewhere were told that these services were free for 30 days or were charged for services that they never received.

Resolving past medical debt in Kentucky

It is estimated that medical debt has lowered the credit scores of 30 million Americans. While many of those impacted do not have health insurance, many of those who do have been affected as well. Many times, a medical debt listed on a credit report is listed in error or is not a valid obligation. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone check their credit periodically to look for errors.