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December 2015 Archives

The problem of surprise medical bills

Even for Kentucky residents who have health insurance, surprise medical bills may sometimes arrive. Many people have plans that limit them to seeing providers who are in their networks. If a doctor provides services and is not in the network, the patient may be billed for the difference between what the doctor charges the insurance company and what the company actually paid for the medical services.

Factors to weigh when considering a divorce and a bankruptcy

Kentucky residents with unmanageable financial situations and unfulfilling marriages sometimes consider filing for both bankruptcy and a divorce. While these steps could both lead to a less stressful and happier life, deciding which one to take first is not always easy. Making this choice may be simplified after a number of important factors have been taken into consideration.

Positives and negatives of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Some Kentucky residents may need to file for bankruptcy in order to get a handle on their debts or stop foreclosure, and Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one option where nonexempt assets are sold to pay creditors. Small business owners can use this form of bankruptcy when a business cannot be saved, and individuals or business owners benefit because most collection actions stop when filing for Chapter 7. However, there are some important concerns one should think about before making a decision.