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February 2016 Archives

Senate to debate student loan debt relief bill

Kentucky residents will likely be aware that student loan debt has become a major issue as the 2016 presidential election draws closer. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders has proposed a that a college education should be free for all Americans, and several other candidates from both sides of the aisle have criticized some of the practices of for-profit financial institutions. Student debt in the United States has now reached $1.2 trillion, and many economists believe that this is hurting the U.S. economy be preventing young people from buying homes or making significant purchases.

Credit card debt can be a serious problem

Many Kentucky residents realize that while credit cards can be very helpful, they also carry a number of downsides. Although they can help people deal with unexpected emergencies, such as vehicle repairs or medical bills, most credit cards tend to carry high interest rates and can prevent people from being able to save for the future.