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Bankruptcy and the Economy

I have been a lawyer for almost 38 years and a consumer bankruptcy lawyer for the last 26 of those years. I have seen a lot of changes in the world of personal finances.

When I first started practicing law, the selectric typewiter and copiers were new and considered fancy and Sears was one of the few stores that had credit cards, and as I recall, they were still charging 21% interest.

So much has changed, but unfortunately most people in my generation did not do the homework necessary to keep from getting financially blindsided by the reality of the changes.

Few people did the research on 401K's in oreder to figure out what they were going to have to save in order to retire, and many believed that if the bank was willing to give you a loan, you must be in good enough financial shape to take it. 

If you are willing to face reality now, you may be able to save yourself.

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