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October 2016 Archives

Bankruptcy and student loans: Separating fact from myth

When filing for bankruptcy, many people are quick to assume that you are not allowed to discharge student loan debt. It is rare to do so, but that doesn't mean it never happens. You can get your student loans discharged in some situations, providing you can prove there is significant "undue hardship."

Five things baby boomers should know about bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is huge, no matter your age, but it's arguably more important as you grow older. You have less time to deal financially with your debt before retirement, and you must know all of your options. This is becoming more relevant for baby boomers, and here are five key things this generation needs to know.

How bankruptcy can help you keep your retirement accounts

For many people, retirement accounts are among their most valuable assets. After working hard to accumulate this nest egg for your retirement, the last thing you want is to lose it. When dealing with debt issues, it may feel like the assets in these accounts may be at risk - especially when you are running out of options for repayment to creditors.

How do I stop wage garnishments after filing for bankruptcy?

People often incorrectly assume that once they file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, wage garnishments will stop automatically. Although filing does call for an immediate stay of wage garnishments, it is not an automatic process.