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The walking debt

Kentucky residents who are behind on their bills may get contacted by debt collectors. This can be confusing to someone who has reason to believe that their bill has already been taken care of. Unfortunately, some collectors will aggressively pursue the debt and in some cases frighten their targets into paying on debt that's no longer owed or that they can no longer be legally compelled to pay.

This kind of debt is sometimes known as "zombie debt." Such debts, which are no longer actually owed or out of the statute of limitations, will "reanimate" after a debt collector buys it.

In some cases, a debt can be sold several times and its documentation gets lost or becomes riddled with errors. As a result, debt collectors may not be able to see that the debt has already been paid or discharged in bankruptcy. In addition, a collector may not have accurate dates for the debt and may threaten taking the consumer to court, even though the lawsuit could be dismissed as the debt has aged past the statute of limitations.

Unfortunately, there are also cases in which creditor harassment is due to unethical debt buyers that target unwitting debtors. These collectors may intimidate debtors into making payments on debts when the debtor is no longer legally required to do so.

Consumers do have the right to demand that collection agencies verify the details of the debt, including the name of the original creditor and the date of the debt. Debtors may also benefit from speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. The lawyer may be able to review the client's case and make recommendations regarding debt relief, strategies for dealing with collectors and bankruptcy.

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