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A person's rights when dealing with debt collectors

People in Kentucky who are facing calls from debt collectors might wonder if there are times when collectors cannot contact them. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, debt collectors are not permitted to phone people early in the morning, late at night or multiple times throughout the day. If a person asks a debt collector to stop calling them at work, the debt collector must comply. Since the FDCPA includes a provision that forbids collectors from calling at inconvenient times, this could include holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

One option for stopping calls from collectors is to send a written request to the debt collector that they cease calling. This will not absolve a person of their debt, but collectors are required to comply with these requests. Over the long term, consequences of ignoring a debt may include a damaged credit report or even a legal judgment and wage garnishment.

Another option is to phone the debt collector and try to work out a deal for repayment. Creditors who have not yet sent a bill to a debt collector might be even more likely to agree to working out a payment plan.

A person who is struggling with debt might also want to consult an attorney to discuss their options. Attorneys may be able to review a person's rights as well as a variety of solutions. For a person who is overwhelmed with their debts, bankruptcy may be one solution. While bankruptcy does damage a person's credit, years of unpaid debt does as well, and bankruptcy can be the first step for some people toward financial stability. A person's income and how much debt they owe are both things the attorney might ask about in determining whether he or she is a good candidate for bankruptcy.

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