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Chapter 13 bankruptcy and the family home

The home is typically one of the most prized possessions of a Kentucky family. For this reason, when financial problems come into play, many begin to fear that they will lose their homes. Unfortunately, this will be the case for some; however, with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is possible for most families to keep their homes.

How long before a new FHA loan with Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Today's economic environment is filled with uncertainty. Individuals throughout Kentucky are concerned about losing their jobs and whether they will be able to find a new job if necessary. In addition, many face mounting debt as the result of a job loss or medical condition. All of this adds up to increasing financial problems for which many discover that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the solution.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and counseling requirements

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions that someone facing financial difficulty will make is the decision to seek help. This help can take on many forms. It may involve taking on even more debt in an attempt to stay financially afloat in hopes of the financial picture changing, or it may involve filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy within the federal court system in Kentucky.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy process

The decision to seek assistance has been made, and the Kentucky resident can now begin to breathe a sigh of relief. Deciding to seek financial relief through bankruptcy can be a difficult decision to make because many individuals do not really know what bankruptcy entails and the benefits it can provide. In considering whether to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, one will want to review the basics to determine if this is the appropriate choice.

Confronting credit card debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Most Americans carry at least some credit card debt, with the average consumer having a balance of about $5,000. Many of these individuals pay little more than the minimum balance each month, resulting in a growing balance, accumulating interest and little hope of ever paying off the balance in full. Credit card debt can be overwhelming, but Chapter 7 bankruptcy can offer a way out.

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