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Cancer can drive a person into bankruptcy

When you're diagnosed with cancer, you're concerned with how progressed the cancer is and what the best treatment options are. There may be months or even years of surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and other treatments in your future.

Unfortunately, due to our current medical insurance system, there may also be a future of crippling medical debt and even bankruptcy waiting for you as well. Thankfully,when those medical debts become overwhelming, bankruptcy may be able to help you get your life back on track.

A bankruptcy attorney can review your personal financial information and determine if Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the better option. If you are filing for Chapter 13, your attorney can help you figure out a plan to repay certain creditors in a reasonable manner, given your current income. If you qualify for Chapter 7 relief, your lawyer can ascertain how much of your assets, such as your home equity, you can protect from the courts during the proceedings.

You've already been through enough. You shouldn't have to lose your home and all your assets as well.

Cancer is expensive and hard to treat

Cancer treatments can costs thousands of dollars for a single session. It is easy for an individual with cancer to quickly exceed the maximum lifetime benefits offered under an insurance plan. Many doctors and hospitals will allow for a payment plan or even financing for cancer treatments. However, cancer and chemotherapy are debilitating. It can be difficult or even impossible for you to continue working and earning an income. That means you won't have money to make those payments. Worse, you may be using credit to pay for basic living expenses, like groceries and your utility expenses.

That debt can quickly accumulate and create an impossible situation. You're trying to regain your health, but creditors and collection agencies are hounding you. Your stress won't help your body fight cancer. It could even make your symptoms worse. As many as thirty percent of cancer survivors have to go into debt to treat the disease. You shouldn't be impoverished for the rest of your life because of a medical issue you had no control over.

An attorney can make bankruptcy simpler

Your attorney can help you prepare all necessary documentation and fulfill your education requirements. Trying to handle it all on your own, as well as sitting through creditor meetings and requesting that the court grants you debt forgiveness, could be overwhelming. Your attorney can handle all the details and forms, allowing you to focus on your recovery and getting your life back after cancer.

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