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Chapter 7 bankruptcy basics

Medical bills, credit card payments, car notes and mortgage payments can all take a toll on an individual. Many times, these expenses overtake the Kentucky consumer's life and makes one feel as if he or she is simply working to pay bills. However, rather than drowning in this sea of debt, over a quarter of a million Americans found a life raft in filing for bankruptcy, with Chapter 7 bankruptcy being the most popular.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy -- advantages and disadvantages

Like most things, each form of bankruptcy has its advantages and disadvantages. A careful analysis of these, along with guidance from one's legal advisor, can help in determining the best choice for a particular situation. Many Kentucky residents find that filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the appropriate option.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy ends fear of the phone for many

For approximately 2,000 individuals daily, the sound of the phone ringing is no longer a nightmare. The reason for this change is that these individuals have decided that it is time to take action and stop debt collectors from calling. Many Kentucky residents fall into this same predicament and make the important decision to make a change and file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Kentucky Derby trainer files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Everything seems to be going as planned. Money is coming in, bills are being paid and life appears to be good. Then, the bottom falls out and something happens to change the rosy picture that had been playing. For some Kentucky residents, life paints a bright picture at first, but then, something happens and debt becomes a problem. Many times, Chapter 7 bankruptcy becomes the bright spot in the ever-changing picture.

Can you discharge tax debt through bankruptcy?

The federal income tax filing deadline is less than two weeks away. If you have already completed and filed your return, congratulations! You don’t have to worry about the myriad of forms, calculations and deductions relating to it for at least another year. If you have not, hopefully you understand how to extend your filing deadline or at least how to establish a plan to pay your tax debt over time.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can take care of the 'if only's'

"If only" can apply to many financial situations. "If only" there was a little more time to pay these debts. "If only" the house was not at risk of foreclosure or the car at risk of repossession. For many Kentucky residents, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the answer to these "if only" concerns.

Turning tax refund into Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief

The mortgage needs to be paid, the car loan is due, credit cards are past due and medical bills are adding up. Then, there are the everyday expenses such as food and gas. All of this takes money; money which many Kentucky residents find harder and harder to come by. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often the solution to the problem; however, even this solution requires some money to be able to implement.

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