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Rebuilding credit following Chapter 7 filing

For many Americans, debt is a serious day-to-day problem with the average family carrying thousands in unsecured loans. Credit cards, medical bills and other debts can add up for a Kentucky family, and some choose to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to get back in good financial shape. Many people worry that the road to economic stability will be difficult, with credit scores taking a hit as a result of a bankruptcy filing, but thankfully there are a variety of ways to rebuild credit even after Chapter 7. 

It is no secret that inefficient budgeting often plays a role in the decision to file for bankruptcy. The first order of business for a recovering filer is to sit down and create a comprehensive budget based on current finances that does not rely exclusively on credit to make ends meet. One key element to this budget is the allocation of funds to savings, in order to be prepared for unexpected expenses that might otherwise be relegated to a high-interest credit card. 

Meeting multiple payment deadlines is another crucial way to rebuild credit. Obtaining a small unsecured personal loan, if possible, can diversify the types of debt an individual pays down, which can in turn positively influence a credit score. While a loan of this type could be difficult to obtain in the immediate aftermath of a bankruptcy discharge, it can make a big difference toward the rebuilding of credit. 

Kentucky residents considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy may have a number of justifiable concerns about the process and the outcome. This is why it can be beneficial to seek out the support of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to aid in the process. Removing doubt and uncertainty from the equation can smooth the road to financial recovery, and a good attorney will be able to help create a plan to rebuild after the filing is complete. 

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