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Learning to live after filing bankruptcy

Many people rely on credit cards and other lines of credit to cover regular life expenses. When the bills from these credit accounts become overwhelming, there comes a point when you might realize that you need to do something. One answer to this is filing bankruptcy.

Use all available means to get out of debt

When you get into a serious financial jam, it can be difficult to extricate yourself from a mountain of crushing debt. But before you resign yourself to a life of living paycheck to paycheck and dodging creditors, rethink your relationship with money and credit.

Congress strips protections from consumers

Last week, the Senate repealed a rule put in place by the Obama administration that gave consumers additional protection from rapacious credit card issuers and banks. The tie-breaking vote was cast by Vice President Mike Pence. The vote rolled back the rule that consumers could take their grievances to civil court and not be limited to resolving their conflicts in arbitration instead of class-action lawsuits.

Is bankruptcy appropriate after a layoff?

Perhaps you've seen the writing on the wall for some time — the dismal quarterly profit reports, the slowly-shrinking workforce — or maybe it came like a bolt from the blue. But either way, the day that you read your own name atop the pink layoff slip will be a shock regardless.

Medical debt grace periods begin in September

There are many paths to consumer bankruptcy -- living beyond one's means, out-of-control spending patterns and fiscal mismanagement -- that are rooted in poor saving and spending habits. As such, with time and effort, couples and individuals can eventually get their finances back on track.