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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Archives

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Any bankruptcy filing is intended to relieve debt issues, be it for an individual, a household or a business. The two prevailing types of consumer bankruptcy are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, both of which are used by individuals and families here in Kentucky and elsewhere in the nation to handle debt that has become insurmountable. It is important to understand the distinctions between the two in order to determine which route is best for an individual's situation. 

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

In 2005, Congress changed details in the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, which some financial experts believe was an attempt to bar the way for some consumers to file for bankruptcy. Here in Kentucky and elsewhere in the nation, the value of Chapter 7 bankruptcy cannot be overstated for individuals, families and businesses facing serious debt. However, it is important for anyone thinking of filing to understand the criteria for qualification.

Filing for Chapter 7 multiple times

For many people, filing for bankruptcy is seen as a last resort in cases of extreme debt load. However, as some Kentucky residents are keenly aware, financial catastrophe can strike more than once, leading some to file for more than one Chapter 7 bankruptcy in their lifetimes, or to switch a Chapter 7 filing to a different kind of bankruptcy protection. There are a variety of ways these goals can be accomplished.

Handling the realities of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

While it is true that the spending habits of some Americans can get them into debt trouble, it is equally true that financial hardship can visit any household without warning. For some Kentucky residents, unexpected expenses or long-standing debts can create a financial position that can be difficult to escape from. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a responsible and helpful choice for those who are faced with unmanageable debt, but the key is to understand how to deal with the financial challenges bankruptcy can introduce in order to get back on a positive track. 

Mounting credit debt can be addressed through Chapter 7

With the holidays just around the corner, many Americans are planning their gift purchases for friends and loved ones. However, here in Kentucky and elsewhere in the nation, many households are still paying down accrued credit card debt from last holiday season. Credit debt is a major problem for many American families, but thankfully there are a variety of options available to address it, from debt consolidation and credit counseling to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Using Chapter 7 to handle medical debt

Of all the debt that can be accrued by Americans, medical debt can be the most crippling. While it is still considered unsecured debt, the amount of an individual's medical expenses can quickly outstrip his or her ability to pay for it, especially in the event of a prolonged recovery period or deteriorating condition. This is why, for some Kentucky residents, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing might be the best way to shield the family from the financial repercussions of a long illness or severe injury.

Understanding and surviving Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is the legal process of relieving debt, which is used by both businesses and consumers in Kentucky to handle unmanageable debts that have accrued. A Chapter 7 filing is referred to as a liquidation bankruptcy. However, it is important to understand how this process works before proceeding, ideally with the support of an experienced attorney.

Dealing with Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is a vital tool in the fight against debt, but it can also be an extremely complicated process that involves many moving parts. Kentucky residents considering Chapter 7 bankruptcy to handle unmanageable debt have already taken the first step toward financial health, but the road can be treacherous to navigate for those who do not already know the way. This is why it can be so helpful to secure the support of a dedicated bankruptcy attorney to act as a guide to financial freedom. 

Chapter 7 versus Chapter 13 bankruptcy

For Americans facing serious debt problems, bankruptcy can be a viable solution to pay down debt and recover financial ground. However, many Kentucky residents are not fully versed in the different types of bankruptcy, particularly the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings. In order to make an informed financial decision, it is important to understand these differences. With the support of an experienced attorney, the resident can move forward confidently into the bankruptcy process.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can be a challenging and difficult decision. Kentucky residents struggling with debt can benefit from filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, but it is vitally important for them to understand the specifics of such a filing and how it will affect their finances moving forward. The support of a dedicated bankruptcy attorney can be helpful in tackling this complicated process.